Craft Delightful Helium Beer Experiences with Infused Brews

On April 1, 2014, beer enthusiasts were teased with the prospect of a groundbreaking new brewing ingredient: helium. Boston Beer Co. and Stone Brewing sparked excitement with claims that helium could replace carbon dioxide in beers, promising a beer that not only tasted great but could also make your voice pitch higher. Let’s dive into the truth behind helium beer.

Is Helium Beer Real?

The idea of helium beer originated from an April Fool’s Day prank by two renowned breweries in 2014. They released videos and announcements about this supposed new product, capturing the imagination of many beer lovers. Jim Koch of Sam Adams and Stone Brewing’s “Stochasticity Project” introduced what they called HeliYUM and Cr(He)am Ale, respectively.

What Is Helium Beer?

What is Helium Beer

Despite the convincing presentations, helium beer is, in fact, a myth. The announcement was a playful hoax designed to stir up some fun in the beer community. The videos featured the founders sipping the beer and then speaking in comically high-pitched voices, thanks to the “helium-infused” ale.

The Myth and Its Perpetuation

myth behind helium beer

This prank tapped into the long-standing human fascination with helium’s voice-altering effects, as commonly experienced with helium balloons. The viral nature of the videos led to widespread belief in helium beer, with subsequent internet searches and discussions keeping the myth alive. Even today, you might find videos and testimonials claiming the existence of helium beer, despite its impossibility.

Is Producing Helium Beer Possible?

Scientifically, the idea falls flat. Helium’s chemical properties make it nearly insoluble in water, much less in beer. Unlike nitrogen, which can dissolve in liquid under pressure (as seen in nitrogen-infused beers like Guinness), helium does not behave similarly. The solubility of helium in beer is so low that achieving any significant presence in the liquid is practically impossible.

Why Helium Beer Is Impossible to Make?

Helium Beer Is Impossible to Make

The insolubility of helium in liquid solutions is the primary barrier. To incorporate helium into beer in a way that it remains in the solution and impacts the drinker’s voice would defy physical laws as we understand them today. The notion also ignores the fact that beer, when consumed, does not interact with the lungs where voice modulation occurs but rather with the stomach.

Alternatives to Helium Beer

While helium beer remains a figment of playful imagination, the craft beer industry is full of innovative and unusual beers that are very much real. From beers brewed with exotic ingredients to those crafted under unique conditions, there are plenty of real-world alternatives that are as intriguing as the mythical helium beer.


In conclusion, helium beer is an entertaining myth that stemmed from an April Fool’s Day joke. It is a perfect example of how a good story can capture the imagination of the public. While it’s a disappointment for those hoping to try it, the craft beer world is rich with other innovative beers that are well worth exploring. Remember, the next time you hear about an unbelievable new beer, it might just be another fun hoax.

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